6th TICEAS @Hokkaido, 12 / 24 - 26, 2024
International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences
Exploring Conscious AI : Ethical and Cognitive Dimensions
International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences (TICEAS) will take place from December 24-26, 2024 in Hokkaido, Japan. TICEAS is an international platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computing Science & IT Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and all sub-fields.
We welcome scholars and researchers from all corners of the globe to join us at TICEAS 2024 and contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge. Together, let us explore the frontiers of engineering and applied sciences, navigate complex challenges, and pave the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.
This year's special session titled "Exploring Conscious AI : Ethical and Cognitive Dimensions," which will delve into the ethical and cognitive dimensions of conscious artificial intelligence (AI). This session aims to explore the implications of developing AI systems with consciousness-like properties, addressing key questions related to ethics, cognition, and human-machine interaction. By fostering discussions on the ethical considerations and cognitive implications of conscious AI, this session seeks to advance our understanding of the intersection between technology and humanity.
For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the TICEAS Secretariat by email : ticeas@ticeas.org
We sincerely invite submission of abstracts/full papers relevant to “Engineering and Applied Sciences”, topics are listed but not restricted to the followings :
Special Sessions - Exploring Conscious AI : Ethical and Cognitive Dimensions
Ethical Frameworks for AI Development
Cognitive Computing and Self-aware System
Human-AI Interaction and Ethical Considerations
Consciousness in Machine Learning Algorithms
Implications of AI Awareness for Society and Industry
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Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer and IT Sciences
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Environmental Engineering
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