Dr. Mayura Soonwera

PhD. In Entomalogy, Kasetsert University, Bangkok, Thailand

Certification of Biological Control in Insect Pests from Kyushu Tokai University, Japan

Associate Professor at Department of Plant Production Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, KingMongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand.


Keynote Topic

"Green Pesticides for Urban Insect Pests Control"

Keynote Abstract

The urban insect pests such as mosquito, house fly, cockroach and head louse are important public health problem, which affect more than 100 million people world wide including Asian people. Moreover, the number of urban insect pests have increased world wide since the mid-1960s. Currently, chemical pesticides are commonly used as the first choice for urban insect pests control. However, chemical pesticides have lost their efficacy, the resistance of several urban insect pests to chemical pesticides are increasing and chemical pesticides also have the negative side effects to people and environment. Therefore, the alternative products such as the green pesticides from herbs or plants could be good option to control urban insect pests. Moreover, green pesticides are good and safe for people and environmental friendly. However, more than 100 herbs could be used as green pesticides such as more than 50 essential oils from herbs could be used as pesticide against several species of mosquitoes and house flies. The extracts from several edible plants and spices could be used as pediculicides against head lice.

Introduction of Prof. Mayura Soonwera

Dr.Mayura Soonwera received her Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from KhonKhan University in 1981.She obtained her Master and PhD degree in Plant Diseases and Entomology from Kasetsart University,Thailand in 1984 and 1989, respectively. She worked in the National Research Council of Thailand for two years and worked in Tokai University ,Japan for Biological Control of insect pests in 1991.At present time ,she is working as Associate Professor at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkraband (KMITL),Thailand. She has more than 60 publication in different international conferences and several papers in international journals. She has got five research patents in herbal pediculicides for head lice(Pediculus humanus capitis : Phthiraptera) treatments. Her areas of research interest are herbal pesticides or green pesticides for insect pests control ,especially in urban insect pests such as mosquito, house fly, cockroach and head louse.

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