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February 21-23, 2017 at M Hotel Singapore








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Keynote Speaker

Yonik Meilawati Yustiani

Yonik Meilawati Yustiani

Department of Environmental Engineering
Pasundan University


Topic: Identification of Influencing Factors to the Deoxygenation Rate of Rivers Located in the Urban Area
Abstract: Deoxygenation process is an important process in the effort to do the self purification of the river, which degrade organic pollutants types of bio-degradable so that the river came be purified. The rate of deoxygenation process will affect the self purification rate. Research on the deoxygenation very rarely done in the polluted urban rivers. Deoxygenation rate value obtained from previous research showed that the value of urban river deoxygenation rate is relatively low. The low value of the rate of deoxygenation led to the difficulty in rivers to purify themselves. Pollutants inhibiting the process can be stopped at the source, and self purification process can be improved in these water bodies. The cause of the low rate is necessary to be identified in detail to improve the quality conditions of the river. Therefore, this research needs to be conducted so that the parameters inhibiting self purification process can be overcome and that the water quality can be improved. The parameters examined through the sampling process water streams represented by Cikapundung and Citarum Rivers, located in Bandung area, Indonesia, as urban rivers. The water samples were analyzed to obtain the content of physics, chemistry, and biology parameters. The rate of deoxygenation also simulated in the laboratory using the method of calculation of daily dissolved oxygen and methods of Thomas' Slope. Biochemical test was performed to identify the content of microorganisms decomposers contained in the river water. Results of laboratory analysis and simulation will be processed to obtain a dominant parameter influencers deoxygenation rate in urban rivers. Processing the results will show the relationship between each parameter on the rate of deoxygenation.
Brief Introduction of Prof. Yonik Meilawati Yustiani
- Associate professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering, Pasundan University, Bandung-Indonesia
- Head of Center for Research, Scientific Publication, and International Collaboration, Engineering Faculty, Pasundan University

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